Workshops are a great way to get introduced to a medium in a short span of time, giving you the opportunity to analyse your skill and interest in the medium before taking it forward. These groups will also give you a way to meet people from different walks of life and exchange experiences, thoughts and stories.

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June’ 18

What is Enamelling?
“Enamelling is the process of applying thin layers of finely ground glass to metal. Which when heated to a high temperature (800-850 degree Celcius), the glass melts and fuses with the metal.”

Learn to create a piece of jewellery from scratch on Copper and get introduced to the fascinating medium of fusing glass with the metal called Enamelling. Learn how through centuries craftsmen all over the world and especially India have been painting the backsides of our jewellery to turn them into exquisite pieces.

In this five days short course, you’ll be learning about different Enamels, Cloisonné, Stencilling, Sgraffito and more. You’ll be making your own designs, and we’ll be guiding you about balance, harmony, composition etc.

It’s great for children & adults interested in the arts, especially the ones who’d like to pursue arts professionally.

*In case unable to join the full course, you can join for a one-day discovery class.

Dates: 18th – 22nd June’ 18, Mon – Fri
Timings: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Venue: Gulmohar Park, New Delhi
Age: 12 years – Adults

Fees inclusive of all material. Seats limited to 8.
Advance booking mandatory.

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For registrations call 9871301841 / 8095170579 or email

“Impasto is a technique of using thick layers of paint which when applied to a surface gives a unique sense of texture and raw depth to the painting. In this technique strokes and the movement of application are clearly visible.”

Come join us in a relaxed setting and learn how to work a palette knife on a canvas with Acrylic Colours and bring out a painting in the truest sense.
Participants will be working on canvas boards.

Date: 23rd June’ 18, Saturday
Timings: 11 am – 1 pm
Minimum Age: 16 years and above
Venue: The Beer Café, Cyber Hub

Fees will be inclusive of all material along with a complimentary beverage.
Advance booking mandatory.

Ticket link:

To register call 9871301841 / 8095170579 / 9268505819 or email us at

Join us for a full week of working with a palette knife on a canvas with Acrylic Colours and learn how to bring a painting out in the truest sense.

We will be teaching you about Still life, Composition, Landscape, Textures and more in this 5-days short course. These classes will enable you to work/experiment with confidence on your own. You’ll be receiving a certificate from us on completion of the course.

Date: 25th – 29th June’ 18
Timings: 10:30 am – 12:30pm
Minimum Age: 10 years – Adults
Venue: Culture Chauraha Studio, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi

Seats limited to 8. Fees will be inclusive of all material.
Advance booking mandatory.

*You can also join for a day or a three-day workshop to experience working with a palette knife

Ticket link:

To register call 9871301841 / 8095170579 or email us at

July’ 18

Tanjore Painting has always been associated with our rich cultural heritage and allured people from all walks of life. With an effort aimed at giving the participants a sense of magnitude and grandeur of the craft, Culture Chauraha along with Ruchi’s Institute of Creative Arts brings you a 3-day workshop for individuals wanting to experience the extensive process of making a unique work of art.

Participants will be working with semi-precious stones and pure gold leaf to make a Traditional Tanjore Painting which they can carry back home at the end of the workshop after learning the technique involved in making a Tanjore Painting.

This is a workshop focused on sharing the knowledge of the process involved with all material provided by the organizers.

All skill levels are welcome!

Date: 9th – 11th July’ 18, Monday – Wednesday
Time: 10:00 am – 1:00pm
Venue: Ruchi’s Institute of Creative Arts, Allahabad, UP
Minimum Age: 15 +

*Registration fees is inclusive of all material. For registrations please inbox or call on 9415348124.