The Clever Caterpillar

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Aima Handique Shehrawat

A long time ago in a far, far land in China, there was a beautiful palace. There were lots of beautiful flowers. There was a river too with lots of fish. This place had lots and lots of animals and they lived here freely. There were many caterpillars too. Everybody was very happy.

One day, a hunter came to this heavenly place and said, “Wow, such a nice place!” He told the animals that he was going to be the new king. One brave and clever caterpillar replied, “There is no king here and there are no rules here. So you can’t be the king.” The hunter was very cruel. He started laughing loudly and striking them with his sword. All the animals ran here and there. They were frightened. But the caterpillar told the animals, “Wait, don’t be frightened, my friends. Hold on to the clouds next to you.” All the animals obeyed the caterpillar and each held on to a cloud next to them. They flew up along with the clouds. The palace, the river, and the jungle also went with them.

Nobody could find this beautiful place ever again. They all stayed up high up in the air and lived happily ever after.

-Story by Aima Handique Shehrawat at 7 years old. The work was exhibited along with the story at Through the Eyes of a Child’ 17.

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