Suraj Kund Mela 2015

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The yearly Suraj Kund Mela is in full swing and I had an absolutely wonderful time visiting all the stalls and eating great food. This year the partner Nation is Lebanon and the theme state is Chattisgarh. There are crafts and textiles from all over India as well as from some African Nations, Buganda, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Nepal, SAARC  among others. This is the 29th edition and I have been visiting the Fair since its inception. We got to see a lot of crafts earlier but now textiles and fabrics predominate. The Mela has come a long way with international Arts and craft presence and performances. It is a pleasure to interact with artisans of different cultures and countries without knowing their language. I guess that is the reason, it is said art has no language. The food is also a great attraction and I had very amazing food at the Lebanon and Chhattisgarh food stall.

P1080719 Lebanon Food Stall

P1080720 Chhattisgarh Food

Table Coin Knitting from Mongolia:- this loom is used to knits tapes in various designs. Gold, silver, and colored threads are used for this type of knitting and this method is much faster than knitting needles. The tapes thus created are used for various decorations. This craft was practiced by Nomads and they can use as many as 32 different threads in one tape.


An innovative way of weaving, with no tools and you, can be on the move. The warp threads are placed around a pole with both ends tied to either side of a chair. The distance of the chair from the pole depends on the length of the finished product. The warp threads are threaded through holes at the corner of numbered squares. The weft is a single thread and the weaver is sitting in the chair.



Ostrich Eggs Carving from Lebanon


P1080750  Artist Issam Al Housseini  at work.

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