SUMMER WORKSHOPS from 18th may to 26th June 2015

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SUMMER WORKSHOPS From 18th May to 26th June 2015, 

Monday to Friday 11am to 1pm

Duration:                 25 sessions
Age group :           above 16 years
Time:                     11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location :             South Delhi


  1. SKETCHING – Improve your skills  to sketch from nature in oil pastels and pencil shading –

leaf pencil 72dpi leaf crayon 72dpi

2. OIL PAINTING – Improve your skills to paint landscapes on canvass

P1080416 dpi 72

3. ACRYLIC PAINTING – Improve your skills to paint your imagination on Canvass

P1080898aryan 72dpi

4. TANJORE PAINTING – Traditional Painting with pure gold leaf and semi precious stones.

t 13

5. MEENAKARI PAINTING – Ornamental painting in Mixed Media with semi-precious stones and pearls.

krshn 72dpi


Duration:               5 Days, Monday to Friday
Age group :           above 6 years
Time:                     9 to 11 a.m.
Location :             South Delhi

Please contact in time to collect your material list where required.

1st week  –  Mon 18th May to Fri 22nd  May, 2015.

I. 1. PARCHMENT CRAFT – BASIC: (10yrs +)

Make Gift tags, Greeting cards and create much more on your own for School Projects in this beautiful CRAFT technique. ALL MATERIAL PROVIDED

parchment 5 dpi 72

2. PRINT MAKING (10yrs +)

The process involves creating a master plate from which you will get multiple images on paper. These prints are Art works with an element of originality. ALL MATERIAL PROVIDED

woodcut 72dpi

3. CLAY MODELLING (6yrs +)

Clay modelling enables you to create in the 3 dimension. Improves motor skills and teaches volume and proportion

ceramic clay-house3 dpi 72

2nd week   – Mon 25th to Fri 29th May, 2015

Advanced techniques in Parchment Craft and build on the basic course to create  intricate patterns in parchment craft.

DSC_0071 (1) dpi 72

2. BLOCK PRINTING (10yrs +)

Improve your skills to print on fabric with permanent dyes and hand carved wooden blocks.

blocks 72 dpi


A great and exciting way to develop the painting and observation skills of youngsters


3rd week –  Mon 1st  June to Fri 5th June, 2015.

III. 1. GREETING CARDS  (10yrs +)
Make beautiful Greetings Cards and pop up cards with handmade paper. Hone your paper craft techniques to help in school projects.

G card 5 dpi72

  1. SCREEN PRINTING (10yrs +)
    An extremely exciting way to create your own design and slogans. You make a screen and can use it for multiple prints. PRINT YOUR OWN T- SHIRT.

screen 72dpi

3. TEXTURES (6yrs+)
Textures are a very easy and beautiful way to create designs. Experiment to create your very own painting.


4th week – Mon 8th June to Fri 12th June, 2015.

IV. 1. KEY HOLDER            (10yrs +)
Create your own design and paint your very own key organizer for the house, complete with hooks.

key holder 1

  1. FABRIC PAINTING (10yrs +)
    This is an interesting medium as you can paint beautiful flowers on any fabric which you can wear or for cushions in your living room.
fabric painting
fabric painting

3. PAPIER MACHIE (6yrs+)

Work with paper pulp to create different utility or art objects and paint them. Create form and decorate with line drawing.

madhubani pots dpi72

5th week Mon 15th June to Fri 19th June, 2015.

V. 1. MASK MAKING (10yrs +)

Create a 3 dimensional mask from organic material. Put together a face and play with the features to create the mask. This is finally painted to hang in your room or your door.

IMG-20150323-WA0003 dpi96

2. PAPER WEIGHTS (10yrs +)

An interesting workshop in clay modelling and painting which will lead to appealing paper weights. To be used on your study table.

P1070640 dpi72

3. CALLIGRAPHY (6yrs+)

The Art of writing, whether it is to improve your handwriting or write artistically

00 113 dpi 72

6th week – Mon 22rd June to Fri 26th June, 2015.

This workshop creates awareness about  folk art Painting, and appreciation of our craft legacy.

P1080327 dpi72

    Painting on glass sheets with stain glass colours



Create a mobile with animals you have made for your room and watch them dance with the fan on in summers.

ceramic clay-fishes 72dpi

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  1. Nikita says:

    just wanted to know is there any workshops for 5+years kids. Also can you please share your contact number or address so that I can visit there for more details.

    1. Ritu Sangal says:

      Yes a 5+ years child can also join. It depends on the child’s creativity. As at the workshop the participants do all the work.

  2. Mahesh Chand says:

    I am post-graduated(MFA) in Painting from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi… How can I join the workshop.? what is the procedure for the same ?

    1. Ritu Sangal says:

      Which workshop would you like to join?

  3. Mamta Mehta says:

    where can i call you regarding the summer workshops?

  4. shruti ogra says:

    how to contact you,regarding workshops for my 5 year old daughter?your location in delhi ?

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