RICA Polythechnic Art Exam Result 2017- Foundation and Advanced

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Being a dedicated Art Studio, Culture Chauraha instills a sense of freedom to express visually, while holding discussions and encouraging the students to come forward with their thoughts. Guiding them in the principles of fine art, nudging their thought process, suggesting an association with objects,  making them observe the balance in form, line, colour & composition is our biggest achievement. We encourage them to assess their own work and in turn become confident of their skills. It is no wonder that they have performed so well.

The Art Exam for our regular art students was conducted in May and the results are out! The award ceremony is scheduled to be held on Saturday, 26th of August 17, 10 am at the Studio.  Congratulations To All The Students! 

The Art Exam is conducted under the aegis of Ruchi’s Institute of Creative Arts Polytechnic, Allahabad.   The structure of the course is a Five Year Diploma in Foundation Course and a Four  Year Diploma in Advanced Course. The Exam is held every year in the month of April / May after our Annual Exhibition Through the Eyes of a Child.  


These classes are held once a week with two batches (Friday evening & Saturday morning) all year round. Art is a great hobby and stress buster. It helps the youngsters to hone their skills, who want to pursue a career in art, whether in India or abroad.

To view their works please click here. To enquire about the classes, write to us at culturechauraha@gmail.com or can call at 9871301841.

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