RICA Polythechnic Art Exam Result 2016- Foundation and Advanced

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Art Exam Result 2015
Art Exam Result 2016

Culture Chauraha has a regular art teaching schedule throughout the year. We impart knowledge in the basics of fine art and colour. The participants are encouraged to observe, comprehend, think and visually create their compositions using logic and imagination with a lot of other aspects thrown in. An art exam is conducted under the aegis of Ruchi’s Institute of Creative Arts Polytechnic, Allahabad. They have a Five Year Diploma in Foundation Course and a Four  Year Diploma in Advanced Course. We encourage the participants to follow this program. The Exam is held every year in the month of April and this year’s result is listed below.


1st year
1. AIMA SHEHRAWAT,            Class 2                 130/150
2. AHAANA PANDIT,                Class 2                 125/150

3rd  YEAR
1. ADITI AZAD,                           Class 4                 130/150
2.DIA CHAUHAN,                      Class 7                 130/150

4rd YEAR
1. SHREEYA NAIR,                    Class 5                  145/150
2. RIYA VARMA,                        Class  5                 130/150

5th YEAR
1. AARUSHI KALSI,                  Class 7                 140/150
2. ANANYA MEHRA,                Class 7                 150/150


2nd  YEAR
1. MEHUL CHHABRA,              Class 9                 125/150

3rd  YEAR
1. NAINA KALRA,                       Class 9                140/150

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