Repousse or Metalwork

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Repousse bird on copper
Repousse bird on copper

Repousse is the method of working on metal from the reverse side. By hammering and shaping from the back a low relief design or ornamentation is created.

I spent a day at Mr. Vivek Das’s Studio to get a feel of the technique. I am posting the photos in a sequence of work

4. embedding

1. Copper sheet fixed in pitch bed.

5. copper plate fixed

2. The design is traced on the metal sheet embedded in pitch.

6. outline chased

3. Outlined with a hammer and chisel.

7. heat

4. Removed from Pitch.

10.  burnt

5. Annealed as seen from the back of the plate.

12. flaten

6. Mr. Das showing how to flatten the sheet after having worked on the reverse.

22. working

7. Working on the front of the plate.

18. depress

8. Mr. Anil showing me how to finish the piece.

11. cleaned

9.The finished piece.

28. studio

Mr. Das’s Studio, a very beautiful space.

30. Vivek and Shikha Das

Mr. Vivek Das and his wife Mrs. Shikha Das

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