Rainy Season Snack- Arbi Leaves

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Snack with Arbi Leaves
Snack with Arbi Leaves


Colocasia, Taro, Eddo, or Arbi as it is generally known in India is a popular ingredient of a rainy season snack.  In fact, in western Uttar Pradesh, it is known as “ghuinya“.  On a visit to Andamans, I saw the plant growing abundantly along the roads we traveled.  I was surprised to see them growing wild and asked our driver the name of the plant.  Imagine my amazement when he took the name “ghuinya”.  Having completed my schooling and post-graduation from Allahabad, eastern Uttar Pradesh, and now settled in Delhi, I had not heard the word for so many years.  The connection of the people of Andamans with Uttar Pradesh makes for another story.  For now, I am sharing my mothers’ recipe for making this tasty tea-time snack.  There are variations to the recipe, depending on which part of India it is namely Gujarat or Maharashtra.  For me, it is my childhood flavor going further back to my maternal grandmother’s house.

Bunch of Green fresh leaves of Arbi
250gms of Besan – Gram flour, also known as garbanzo bean flour, chickpea flour
Salt, dried coriander powder, and red chili powder to taste


Select, clean, and wash green arbi leaves. cut out the stems and hard veins from the leaf

patod 1

Also, cut out the node where the stem joins the leaf.  Add salt, coriander, and red chili powder to besan.
Mix with water  into a paste of dropping consistency
patod 2

Take a big plate or steel thali, invert it and place a big leaf on it

patod 3

Apply the besan paste on the leaf with your fingers

patod 4

Cover the whole leaf and apply more leaves on it

patod 5

Again apply the besan paste

patod 6

Keep applying 2 or 3 more layers in a similar manner. Now carefully roll the leaves trying not to squeeze the besan paste out.

patod 7   patod 8

Place the roll in a steel sieve as it has to be steamed. You can make more such rolls.

patod 9

Place a rim of tin in a big dish and put some water in it

caramel 15

Place the steel sieve in it

patod 10

Cover and place on the gas with the flame on high

patod 11

Check to see if the besan paste is cooked. It will no longer be wet. Remove from flame and it appears like this

patod 10   patod 12

When cool cut into 1 cm thick slices

patod 13

Now shallow fry on a Tava from both sides

Snack with Arbi Leaves
Snack with Arbi Leaves

Serve hot with green coriander chutney or tomato sauce.

I plant them in a couple of pots for having fresh leaves in Delhi.

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    Very well explained. My favourite as well 🙂 thanks.

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