Organic Mask Making Workshop May 2016

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mask 5a 72

Duration – 10 day,  3 hours each
Age of Participants 8 to 14 years

Masks are fun to make and play with. They can be made with any material and you can get as creative as you want. This summer vacation we had a workshop using waste and biodegradable material to make masks.  We learnt to cut simple masks out of newspaper for the participants to get a feel of the topic and the proportion of a face.

Next we used various sheets of coloured chart paper to create interesting masks.

paper mask 2 72  paper mask 1 72

bunny1 72   bunny 3 72

paper mask 72      machie 72

Coloured paper mask                                                  Papier machie mask

Three-dimensional masks were made using a coconut shell as a base.

cherial 1 72

To give a semblance of a face on the shell, all we needed to add are two eyes, one nose, two ears, a mouth a forehead and a chin in varying degrees of length and thickness. Once the basic idea was explained it was great fun to see the imagination of the participants run riot. Their creativity is there to see.  I am posting images of the various stages of our work and the finished mask. The imagination and the ideas which emerged and the freedom to play with the material led to the masks below.

Mask 1

cherial 3 72 mask 1c mask 1  mask 1a 72

Mask 2

cherial 7 72  mask 6

Organic Mask making Workshop

Mask 3

cherial 4 72    mask 3c  mask 3      mask 3b 72

Mask 4

cherial 2 72   mask 2a mask 2 mask 2c 72

Mask 5

cherial 6 72  mask 4b mask 4  mask 4a 72

Mask 6

cherial 5 72 mask 5b mask 5 mask 5a 72

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