Organic Mask Making Workshop 11th to 20th May 2016

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Cherial Mask
Cherial Mask
Art and craft go hand in hand and summer holidays are a good time to catch up on your hobbies and interests. Learning to sketch, shade, and compose is as important as learning to design and execute your own craft.
For all the creative people who like to learn new crafts, we are conducting an 8-day workshop in Mask Making from 11th to 20th May, between 10 am to 12 noon. The age group is 6 years and above.
The workshop aims to  teach Paper Masks
Paper Mask
Paper Mask
Papier Machie Masks
Papier Machie Mask
Papier Machie Mask
and Cherial Masks in 8 days
Cherial Masks
Cherial Masks

and develop the SKILL to
1. Create your own Design
2. A sense of proportion
3. How to choose colors
4. Create your own layout
5. Paper cutting and motor coordination
6. Execute the final layout with all the 3 mediums
7. Painting using Acrylic Paints
8. Enhancing the finished mask with a Balanced Design
We work with organic and biodegradable materials.
This Workshop will enhance the inherent creativity and help in self-execution of School Projects

Course schedule: 
11th May Wednesday:    Importance, function, and use of masks
12th May Thursday:       Designing and executing paper masks
13th May Friday:            Finishing and designing the masks
16th May Monday:         Papier Machie mask and  foundation of the Cherial Mask
17th May Tuesday:         Continuing paper machie and Cherial mask
18th May Wednesday:   Painting paper machie mask, Cherial mask
19th May Thursday:       Painting the Cherial Mask
20th May Friday:            Finishing the Cherial Mask.
You can also join the first 3 days i.e. 11th to 13th of May for Paper Masks only.

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