Nature’s Wisdom

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Story and artwork by Rinky Sahu

Once upon a time, in the deep dark woods there existed tiny little fairies and other creatures. Tinkerbell was one of the fairies amongst them who was interested in lost things. Additionally, she used to craft new tools that helped others.

One day, when Tinker was flying through the woods, she smelt something burning and saw smoke rising. Out of fear, she flew rapidly in the direction of the smoke. When she reached there, she saw a fire burning brightly while a few little creatures were sitting around the pond and trying to keep themselves warm. In relief, “Thank god”, sighed Tink.

On hearing Tinkerbell’s voice, the little bear and other pond creatures were astonished. They questioned her in amusement whether it was Tinkerbell, the fairy? Tink asserted and asked what were they doing and why was the little crowned swan sad? The little swan exclaimed, “A few days ago some people came from human land (city) and discussed clearing the forests for their purpose”.

Unable to understand, “What do they mean by this”, asked Tink. The little bear explained that they want to cut the woods and clear the forest for making paper. Hearing this, the little fish asked and the crowd murmured “Where will we live ?” and “what do we do?”, respectively. “We have to find a solution or else it will bring catastrophe for everyone, including humans”, said Tink. Out of curiosity, the baby bear asked” how is it harmful to them? If yes, why they were so eager to chop off the woods ?” 

“Nature, environment, and trees are vital. They give oxygen, store carbon dioxide, stabilize the soil and give life to the world’s wildlife. Furthermore, they provide materials for tools and shelter. “They provide food too?”, asked the crowned swan. While nodding her head, Tinker added, “And out of those important things, one is paper which is used to make books, newspapers, and much more.” “Is that so?, but I saw human kids throwing paper balls at each other, making airplanes out of it and tearing it for fun”, cried out the little bear.

Acknowledging the little bear, the little fish sighed “That’s because they get it in abundance and at a low price. It also seems they don’t value the things they get easily. “

What can be done to stop it or else to minimize it ?” murmured the crowned swan. “Hey! Why not spread awareness and tell them the things we are discussing.”, expressed the baby bear. “Yes! Also, we should make them aware of its consequences like climate change, global warming, soil erosion, desertification, fewer crops, flooding, etc.”, said the little fish. “Agreed! This will be a great idea. But what about the paper problem”, said the crowned swan? Tink in excitement suggested from her observation that “Humans have mobile phones, tabs, and other e-devices when I went to human-land. Those e-devices have lots of learning apps that few human kids can use for learning. If everyone starts to do the same and use them wisely, there won’t be so much use of paper and no need of manufacturing it in huge quantities. Additionally, fewer numbers of trees will be chopped off. But with this, all living creatures also need to plant more and more trees and care them as we fairies do”. “Wow! What an awesome idea”, said the little creatures with joy.”, said the little bear.

After a long conversation between Tinkerbell and the little creatures, the fairy had to leave. “Hey, guys! I need to go back to my place. Nice meeting you all”, said Tink. “Yes! Sure, it’s already getting dark”, said the little fish while the baby bear offered the treehouse for the night. However, Tink refused. “I wish I could, but my fairy friends must be waiting for my return. Better next time. Thanks for your concern”, said Tink. “Take care on your way back”, exclaimed the crowned swan. “You guys too”, replied Tink. Everybody returned to their homes.

Everyone started using e-devices for learning. Less paper was wasted and destroyed. People started donating and sharing books. They started reusing it. Waste paper was getting recycled and humans started to grow more plants and protected trees from cutting.

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