Max’s Journey

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There was once a farmer named George. He was hard working and cheerful. One day as he was walking back home while the sun was setting, he found an old cardboard box. Out of curiosity, he looked in the box and lo! There were a little puppy and a baby fox; they seemed very hungry and lost. So he took them home carefully. He named the puppy, Max and the baby fox, Lucy. He took great care of the abandoned pair for many years. Max and Lucy grew bigger each year and they made a lot of friends from a neighboring farm. They played and enjoyed themselves. Years passed and Max helped his guardian with his farming while Lucy helped him with the chores and the cooking. One day, Lucy and her faithful friend, Rex the Eagle went out in the woods promising to return home as soon as possible. But they did not.

George and Max became worried and so George sent Max to check on them. And indeed Rex was found hurt and Lucy was still not found. Max rushed quickly to Rex’s aide. Rex thanked him and flew to find Lucy and Max ran as fast as he could and followed Rex deep into the forest. After finding Lucy unconscious lying near a lake, they took her and brought her safely home. Lucy and Max started liking each other. Max confided in George about his wish to marry Lucy. George told him that before that Max had to earn a name and make a living in order to support Lucy. Max agreed and bid goodbye to Lucy the next day, to go to the city and earn his livelihood. Lucy was delighted and promised to wait for him. All his friends came to wish him the best of luck! Off Max went to start his journey…

-Story by Shreeya Nair at 11 years old. The work was exhibited along with the story at Through the Eyes of a Child’ 17.

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