International Yoga Day

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Yoga at Ruchi's Institute of Creative Arts, Allahabad
Yoga at Ruchi’s Institute of Creative Arts, Allahabad

Ever since 21st June has been declared International Yoga day there is a lot of talk about it. Yoga as a healthy way of life is followed all over the world with the USA also haveing goat -yoga!

Yoga teaches you to be disciplined.  If you have to exercise every morning you have to sleep in time and get up early.  Well, what is wrong with that? A whole lot of other things that you do will automatically get streamlined.  In any case, I am sure your body clock will be very happy as it functions with the rising and setting sun.

Yoga is meditation.  All religions teach meditation and this is more spiritual in nature.  Try it.  When you are very agitated sit or even stand and concentrate on your breathing in and out.  Focus only on doing it slowly you will realize that by the third breathing cycle you are absolutely calm.  This is so important in today’s world of instant anger, instant food, and instant gratification.  We all know stress leads to a whole host of medical problems.

In today’s day of 100% marks and admission, cut-offs parents are hyper as are the students for admissions to good colleges.  The amount of stress this creates is really phenomenal.   Meditation besides having a calming influence increases your concentration.  It generates positive energy and makes you realize the power of your mind.  You have all kinds of therapies and I am aware of Pranic healing and Reiki, I am sure there are many more.  They all heal through the power of your mind.

In the last few days, reports say Delhi air is the most polluted.  We cannot shift out of Delhi so we are breathing polluted air as are our children and senior citizens.   The papers are full of the effects of pollution on our lungs and body.  Having developed secondary asthma, I tried all sorts of medication.  What actually helped, were the breathing Asanas’ and Jal Niti.  Jal Niti is the practice of cleaning your nasal tract with warm saline water.  Today when I tell my students or their mothers that even for a common cold Jal Niti is like magic they look askance.

On reading about Yoga I realized that here too there are different schools of thought and practice- Raj Yoga; Hatha Yoga; Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Kundalini Yoga; Bhakti Yoga; Naad Yoga, and Asparsha Yoga. The important features of Yoga are:

Yoga Practice means to unite the body and soul.
Yoga talks of energy flow through your body, earth, surroundings, and the universe.
Yoga talks about your Aura and how to harmonize it with the universe.
Yoga teaches about the five elements the body is made up of.
Yoga trains you to meditate on imaginary Chakras in your body for the free flow of energy.
Yoga helps you to attain peace and calm through meditation.
Yoga is a way of life used to control the body and mind through exercises, breathing, and meditation
So practice Yoga and let your family enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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