Importance of Summer Workshops

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Dedicated Artists
Dedicated Artists

Summer vacations are a time in our fast-paced lives to relax and enjoy our hobbies. Look around in your neighborhood and pick up some additional skills. When I was in school, art was only looked upon as a hobby but today art, craft, and design is an attractive career option.  Developing your inherent skills to observe, draw and render helps you in your later college admissions and entrance tests. Very often I meet parents who want their wards to enroll in a design or art program because they have not got good marks in school and admission to a University is difficult.  Summer is the time to explore your interests and follow them. Developing your skills and craft in your subject of choice will always take you to the top of your chosen profession.

One of my relatives wanted their daughter to become a doctor and when the 12th class results were declared she had fared average. There was a lot of crying, sorrow, heartache, and recrimination in the house. I advised the parents to send their daughter to me in the summer holidays for sketching.  The daughter said that she has no interest and cannot draw at all.  Her self-esteem was so low that I really had to persuade her to come and try. She had never explored this side.  We worked together for 2 months and I realized that she was really talented.   As art cannot be taught I was only guiding her.  She gained confidence and to cut a long story short today she is a highly qualified design professional.

Art and design are so much a part of our existence that without consciously being creative, we are.  The idea is to give an introduction to our rich cultural heritage and let the children in turn decide to pursue art as a hobby or profession.  Creativity is an inherent part of human nature.  The question is whether we are able to suppress it or give free rein to it.  In today’s fast world of the internet and cable television, the human mind is exposed to a whole gamut of information and ideas.  Design and Art are an integral part of our existence.  From a watch strap to a shoelace everything has an element of design or color.

Artistic ability needs to be enhanced and guiding young minds for over four decades has been a very enriching experience.  In today’s system of education where each one is competing for top grades and getting stressed out, as a result, art has a therapeutic effect on the mind.  It is a great stress buster, inculcating patience, concentration, skill, and a thinking mind.

Being an artist by choice and not training is a very fulfilling existence.  Even while studying for my Master’s in Business Administration I continued to pursue my hobby which very soon became my chosen profession.

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