Homemade Mango Ice – Cream

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Homemade Mango Icecream
Homemade Mango Icecream

I like cooking in phases as on most days it is a necessity to be got through. I finish my cooking by 9 in the morning, leaving the day free to paint. But wanting my family to have nutritious, balanced, and healthy meals I do most of my own cooking. This enables me to be sure that the right quantities of oil are in the food. This fetish has also enabled me to cook in quantities and freeze it. The argument is that I lose some nutrients and frozen food is not healthy. My choice is between clean, homemade food versus commercial, packaged, and preserved food. The recent controversy with Maggie led a friend to send me a list of banned chemicals in various food products. One of them was emulsifiers in ice creams which can lead to cancer. I remembered that I  used to make ice cream without emulsifiers or chemicals for my own children when they were growing up. So here goes – this is and was a favorite with my children.


1 liter full cream milk
2 large mangoes pulp
3 cups sugar
1 lemon – Juice
2 cardamom powdered – optional
1/2 liter Cream


mango Ice 2

Boil 1 Litre full cream milk and keep aside to cool

mango Ice 1

Pulp of 2 big mangoes

mango Ice 4

Churn mango, milk, and sugar in the jar to a smoothie. This is very thick. If you like more sugar you can add it.

mango Ice 7

Add the juice of one lemon. You can also add fresh cardamom powder.

mango Ice 8

Pour into containers to put into the freezer. The containers should have covers. I have used bread boxes.

mango Ice 9

Once frozen remove from freezer and cut into small pieces

mango Ice 11        mango Ice 12

Put all of it into your chopper jar and blend. You have to be quick as you don’t want your mixture to melt. It must remain thick and creamy. You don’t want any lumps.

mango Ice 13

Take your Cream and put i into a metal dish. Place the dish in a larger dish with ice cubes to keep the cream cold.

mango Ice 14

Start whipping the cream with your blender till it stands in peaks

mango Ice 16

Now mix the cream and the mango mixture into one homogeneous mass. Be quick as the mango mixture should not melt. It should remain thick and creamy.

mango Ice 17    mango Ice 18

Pour back into the ice cream tins and freeze. Once set your ice cream is very soft and ready to eat.

This makes approximately 2 kg of ice cream.

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