Greeting Card Competition Result July 2016

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by Aanvi Jalan
by Aanvi Jalan – ‘ Beti Padhao Beti Bachao’

This year’s topic for the Greeting Card Art Competition was ‘ Beti Padhao Beti Bachao’ in other words ‘Educate a Daughter   Save a Daughter’ It is a good slogan and the children had some amazing ideas and came up with very good Art Works. They have been rewarded and appreciated by being awarded Medals and Certificates.  Whenever we work on a particular topic or theme we first deliberate on it. We discuss various aspects with inputs from everybody. The children are then encouraged to draw their ideas on the paper creating their layout. For this topic, I pointed out that if only a girl is educated what will happen to the boys? In cities in India girls and boys are educated without discrimination. In lower-income families, the girls are made to do housework. Some states have schemes where the girl child is awarded free education and also some perks. So it is possible due to lack of funds the boys may not be encouraged. We will end up with educated girls and boys lagging behind. So in order to save our Daughters, our Sons also need to be educated. This healthy discussion led to the Art Work I am posting below. I am very proud of their achievement.


16-mannat-batraGold Medal, Mannat Batra, Class 5 

16-naina-kalraGold Medal, Naina Kalra, Class 9

16-shreeya-nairSilver Medal, Shreeya Nair, Class 5

16-ananya-jalanSilver Medal, Ananya Jalan, Class 9

16-ahaana-panditBronze Medal, Ahaana Pandit, Class 2, 

16-aarushi-kalsiBronze Medal, Aarushi Kalsi, Class 7, 

16-dia-chauhanBronze Medal, Diya Chauhan, Class 7

16-mehul-chhabraBronze Medal, Mehul Chhabra, Class 9,

16-aanya-guptaCertificate of Merit, Anya Gupta, Class 4

Honourable Mention Certificate, Smera Sachdeva, Class 1
Participation Certificate, Alia Mohan KG

16-aanvi-jalan Participation Certificate, Aanvi Jalan Class 5

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