Fabric Painting

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Painting on fabric is an ancient art and has been prevalent for centuries. Ever since humans learnt to spin thread and weave fabric, decorating was the next logical step. Colour was applied either by dyeing the entire fabric or applying colour directly in patterns. Asians have a long history in this craft as the oldest printing blocks are from 3000 BC.

Over the years, a number of techniques have evolved to design and decorate the surface of any textile. Fabric painting is a specialized technique and the result depends on the expertise and skill of the artist. Painting on the surface makes it easier to execute intricate designs. The use of different fabrics and many different techniques result in the creation of amazing textiles.

Painting with a brush and applying the colour on the surface is easy as you can see and change your design as it evolves. With industrialization and mass production, colours became available in small quantities over the counter. The art now became popular with hobbyist and individual designers. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the technique improves your design, execution, care and life of your garment. Fabric painting is a boon for young entrepreneurs and fashion designers catering to one of a kind niche market.

Hence, we at Culture Chauraha are conducting a workshop in fabric painting for youngsters during the Dusshera holidays.

Duration:    5 days

Days:         21st Wednesday, 22nd, 23rd, 26th  and  27th Tuesday,      October 2015

Time:        11 am to 1 pm

Age:            Minimum 8 years

Contact:     workshops@culturechauraha.com

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