Through the Eyes of a Child 2022

Through the Eyes of a Child 2022

Through the Eyes of a Child is a colourful, joyous, intriguing journey giving glimpses of a world we would wish for. This exhibition is a reflection of what each child views, thinks, dreams, imagines, and adores. It is filled with landscapes, flowers, trees, animals, fish, butterflies, super-heroes and so much more. Through their eyes, we get a chance to see and appreciate the stills that we in our busy rushed lives miss out on. The last two years while Covid led to the change of the world, forcing us to remain indoors, art had definitely proved to be an escape. Their aesthetic ability and the will to learn has resulted in this collection of artwork.

A glimpse into their work allows us to see Viraj’s butterflies and fish from our natural scape to the wonderous Geometrical Mansion. Siddhant’s fiery Firedrake Dragon, Indigo Mountains and Cubic Maze, which are like a counting puzzle for the viewer to see and solve. Shreeya’s Study of a Drape on a wall is all about shades and shadows, her Sunflowers can make any space seem bright and cheery even on a rainy day.

Krtin’s hot air balloons take you on a ride to Cappadocia’s sky and then into a futuristic Inter-Galactic space. You feel the emotions of excitement and joy in Krissh’s depiction of the first day of school post-Covid, of all that the children have missed out on in these last two years. Kethana’s Teddies reflect a child’s innocence, and her etched leaves are so full of patterns reflecting the depths of nature.

Hasika’s owl seems to look right into your eyes, while the Monkeys at play seem to be inviting you to join in the fun. Avanthika’s etched leaves indeed leave a mark in your heart, while her Dinosaur makes you think of Jurassic-park. Avantha’s marbled creations make you marvel, and her Charismatic Kitty looks sharp and witty. Anika expresses her respect for her nation, a young one’s patriotism. Anaya’s Raspberry Bite and Masked Beauty makes one gasp, for the detail it has. Aman’s Dragonville and Parrot Paradise seems to be saying a story.

Serene and Pristine landscapes by Ahaana and Aditri reminds one of memorable holidays. Abhiraj’s depiction of aquatic life fills you with a desire to dive and explore the depths of water. Little Aarav’s daffodils remind you of early spring, when the blossoms begin blooming. Ahaan’s Flashes of super-powers takes you on an action-packed adventure with the Super-heroes. Through their eyes your reminiscence your favourite book, its characters Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Aragog.

There is this and a lot more that you will be able to see through the eyes of a child.

Through the Eyes of a Child, We Can See the World

- Shikha Prakash, (Avantha's Mom)

Sr. Assistant Professor, Department of History, Kamala Nehru College, University of Delhi

Participating Artists

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Hasika Vepakomma

Hasika Vepakomma

8 years

Hasika is 8 years old and is studying in Grade 4 of Mount Litera Zee School, OMR, Chennai. While she enjoys studying Math and Computers at school, in her free time, Hasika enjoys writing short stories and poems, singing, playing the piano, baking cupcakes with mom, bird watching and photography with dad, reading Amar Chitra Katha, and going on family holidays. Although she has always shown a keen interest in art right from her toddler days, her art truly blossomed during the lockdown and kept her spirits high through the incessant online classes and time away from friends. Hasika’s artworks reflect her joyous personality and take the viewer through a child’s dream of an ideal happy world. Under able guidance from her mentor at Culture Chauraha, Hasika seeks to spread joy and cheer through her art. More of her artwork can be seen at

Hasika supports Scarf India (Schizophrenia Research Institute)

All proceeds from sale of her work will go towards the charity.