Through the Eyes of a Child 2015

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Another successful Show and our 17th one at that! The Annual Exhibition is for the children to realize how their work looks in the gallery and what an exhibition does for their morale. Appreciation is part of the psyche of a creative person. With appreciation, a critique is also equally important whether by one’s own self or another. The process helps to understand and grow as a creative being.

I have been guiding art enthusiasts now for over 3 decades in Delhi. My students are as young as 4 years and as creative as 80 years and above. But an artist is not defined by the number of years, as in the physical sense. Guiding young minds to observe, draw, comprehend and work with their inherent talent is an enriching experience. Colour, an intrinsic part of our lives is so vibrant, so diverse that understanding color in all its myriad attributes is essential. The desire to express visually and the need for guidance only make your journey faster.

Today, every class a child joins is a competition to excel, defeating its very purpose. Whatever happened to enjoyment?  Expecting young children to produce flawless paintings is not natural and also reflects that all the work is not theirs. Always understand that if your child cannot produce the same quality of work at home then it is not his or her work. Believe me, this is not the ideal situation for their self-confidence and esteem. Believe in your child’s ability, recognize their talents, and let them fly. There is too much emphasis on excelling.  Art is a stress buster, it is meditation.

My students are exhibiting their paintings which they painted in the last academic year under oral guidance. Art is a learning and an ongoing process and so is exhibiting and seeing your efforts in a Gallery. Our annual exhibition ‘Through the eyes of a child 2015’ is in its seventeenth year.

In the 17th year,  17 children exhibited this year from K.G to the 7th class. They have also won medals in an Art competition. Our Chief Guest  Mr. Jean Pierre Faou,  Principal of the French  School, Embassy of France,  Delhi, and Mrs. Faou presented the awards to the young artists.

The paintings were executed in the last academic year.

1. Siddharth Jaiswal,  Class 1

pic siddharth   _DSC0089

1. Elephant                          2.     Robot                                       3.       Car and Bus

siddharth   siddharth 3   Car and Bus by Siddharth

2. Ahaana Pandit  Class 1

pic ahaana         _DSC0045

1. Beautiful Butterflies                                          2. Queens of Water

ahaana 3     aahana

3. My Colourful Ships

ahaana 2

3. Aima Handique Shehrawat, Class 1

pic aima      _DSC0103

1. She loves me                                                              2. One Fine Bright Morning

aima 1       aima 2

3. Three Butterflies


4. Aditi Azad, Class

pic aditi          _DSC0097

1. Swan                                                          2. River of Life

aditi azad    aditi 2

3. Jungle Friends                                                    4. Big Fish

aditi 3  aditi 1

5. Butterflies


5. Aryaman Mehra, Class 3

pic aryaman mehra      _DSC0049

1. Animal Monster                           2. The Twin Ships

aryaman mehra 2  aryaman mehra

3. My Personal Helifly                                         4. Savior of the Unfortunate

aryaman mehra 1    aryaman mehra 3

6. Aanvi Jalan, Class 4

pic aanvi jalan       _DSC0094

1. Sunset                                                2. Butterflies

aanvi   aanvi 1

3. Ship of Desert                                                                    4. Log Huts

aanvi jalan 4                   aanvi 2

5. Stone Painting


7. Shreeya V Nair, Class 4

pic shreeya nair     _DSC0090

1. Tranquility                                                             2. My Mosaic of Blooms

shreeya   Shreeya 2

3. Clay Modelling


8. Riya Varma

riya          _DSC0092

1. Three Best Friends                                    2. Beautiful Landscape of Australia

riya                    Riya 1

3. Beautiful Flowers                                                   4. Fly Away (Acrylic on Canvass)

riya 4          riya 2

8. Tia Bhalla, Class 5

pic tia      _DSC0063

1.Delhi by Metro ( mixed Media)                          2. Melodious Meadow

tia 1         tia 3

3. Cloudy Sky


9. Aarushi Kalsi, Class 6

pic aarushi       _DSC0055

1. Mars skyline                                                                2. Nature’s Messenger

aarushi 1           aarushi 4

3.  Spring 2015                                                               4. Molten River

aarushi 3        aarushi 2

10. Ananya Mehra, Class 6

pic ananya mehra       _DSC0088

The Unscrambled Water World                      2. Valley of Secrets

ananya mehra 5th 2014       ananya mehra 1

3. The Blue Mountains                                             4. Beauty of the Sea World

ananya mehra        ananya mehra 4                            5. Folk Art

P1080332    P1080326

12. Dia Chauhan, Class 6

pic dia        _DSC0066

1. The Artist

dia chouhan 2           _DSC0066

13. Ananya Jalan, Class 8

pic ananya jalan      _DSC0069

1.Swatch Bharat                                                      2. Penguin

ananya jalan 3     ananya jalan 2

3.Under Water                                                        4. Beaks

ananya jalan       ananya jalan 5

5.   Owl (enamel on steel)                                                                                  6. Parchment Craft


14. Mehul Chhabra, Class 8

pic mehul            _DSC0070

1. The Three little Ducks                        2. Jungle’s Gentle Giant

mehul chabbra         mehul 3

3. Religion of Peace- Buddhism                                  4. The King of the Desert

mehul 4                 mehul 2

15. Naina Kalra, Class 8

IMG-20140411-WA0018     _DSC0071

1. Jewels of Delhi                                                  2. A Walk into the Kaziranga

naina 3    naina 2

3. The Peacock                                                            4. Morning Hills

naina        naina 1

16. Natasha Puri, Class 8

pic natasha     _DSC0073

1. The Horizon                                                        2. Inevitable Change

natasha     natasha 1

3. Contumacious Sea ( mixed media


17. Taahira Bhalla, Class 8

pic taahira     _DSC0074

1. India’s Daughter’s                                                      2. Mountain Blues

taahira 2                        taahira 1

Parchment Craft by Aani Jalan Ananya Jalan, Mehul Chhabra, and Dia Chouhan


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful work by the little ones. There should be more such Art Studios for the young ones to explore their talent.Keep it up!

    1. Ritu Sangal says:

      Thank You for your comments.

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