Create a Shivalinga Stand Alone

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Shiva Fold – Out Card or Stand Alone

shiv t 10

  1. Take an A 4 dark blue colour card paper

shiv t 1

2. Fold it into half breadth wise

1/2                                             1/2

shiv t 2

3. Fold it into half again. Open it out and now fold like an accordion.

1-1/4,          2-1/4,            3-1/4,           4-1/4.

shiv t 3

4. Holding the sheet folded in half you have to cut it from the 1st fold folded edge to the next fold. You divide the breadth in 3 parts and cut to the ¼ fold line as below.

a-1/3,            b-1/3,            c-1/3.

shiv t 4  You now shape the centre flap by rounding the sides of it.

5. You fold the a and c back like an accordion and b leave as it is. When you open the paper your card looks like this picture from the top.

shiv t 5

6. From the front it appears like the image below. Take 3 cut out or punched out red coloured flowers and paste them on the top of the linga thus created.

shiv t 6

7. Cut out two petal shapes in white colour. Glue them in place of eyes.

shiv t 7

8. Take a pink sketch pen and shade the edges of both sides of the eyes as below. With a black sketch, pen draw and colour the pupils in the centre of the eyes.

shiv t 8

9. The finished linga looks like this

shiv t 10

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