Cottage Cheese Cutlets

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cottage cutlets

Cutlets made of mashed cottage cheese can be the new delicious serving during your next party. The cheesy taste which can tempt the taste buds of anyone is attained by freshly prepared cottage cheese(paneer). This new delicacy can be served in the form of small cheese balls as well as an oval/square-shaped cutlets.


4 Boiled Potatoes

300 g mashed Cottage Cheese(paneer)

2 Table Spoon chopped coriander(dhaniya)

6 finely cut Green Chillies

1 grated Onion

1 Tea Cup finely chopped Cabbage

3 Slices of Bread

1 Tea Cup all-purpose flour(maida)

Salt as per taste

Bread Crumbs

Oil for frying

Tomato Ketchup & Chutney


Mash the boiled potatoes thoroughly.

Mash the Cottage Cheese thoroughly.

Soak the Bread Slices for 2 minutes in water and then squeeze out the water

Mix the potatoes, Cottage cheese, coriander, Green Chillies, finely chopped Cabbage, onion and bread slice thoroughly and add salt as per taste.

Make cutlets from this mixture in the desired shape.

Mix the flour in 1.5 cups of water and make a paste.

Dip the cutlets into this paste and coat them with bread crumbs.

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