Collage Painting Art Competition

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Collage by Prachi Payal
Collage by Prachi Payal

This year (2016) when I asked my young artists to conceptualize paintings for an art competition I was pleasantly surprised that the medium was collage. It was a challenge to explain the concept to my young students but once they grasped the concept they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. This is apparent in the amazing paintings produced and the number of medals they received.
When I was pursuing my MBA from Allahabad University in the early 1980’s we participated in an inter-college group poster making competition. Some of the topics were ‘India today’ and ‘drugs’ and the medium was collage. Most participants were not aware that one needs to use coloured paper from magazines to complete the work. We completed with glue and torn bits of paper stuck on our poster bringing out the message loud and clear.
The term collage is actually a French verb ‘coller’ which means to glue. So basically it means to stick things to a surface. A collage artist creates a new painting with bits and pieces of different materials and assembling them together by gluing. The most commonly used materials are magazine paper, handmade paper, other artworks, photographs glued to paper or a canvas. Some found objects, fabric, gold, gemstones or feathers etc. are also used.
Today we are spoilt for choice. Looking for specific greens in a magazine for shading is now easier with coloured printers in most households. High quality prints available with a very wide selection of wall and handmade paper, embossed and gilded is an artist’s paradise. Polymer emulsions, gels, synthetic glues, photocopying and computer generated images are all raw materials for the modern Collagists. These material are used instead of paint or colour to create the artwork.
Collage is challenging as we pull apart or tear, in a sense destroy before using the same to create something new and whole. It seems like the cycle of birth and rebirth, as you destroy to create.
Below are my students with the paintings visualized executed by  them.  Next to them is the image of their work with their awards. These awards have been conferred on them in various age categories.


1. Gold Medal,  Vasundhra Jaiswal, Class Prep, Topic ‘Anything of your Choice’

Vasundhara Jaiswal    Vasundhra


2. Gold Medal, Aditi Azad, Class  2,  Topic ‘ Christmas’

pic aditi  Aditi Azad 3rd


3. Gold Medal, Aanvi  Jalan, Class 4, Topic ‘My clean City’

pic aanvi jalan    Aanvi Jalan, 4th


4. Gold Medal, Ananya Mehra, Class 6,  Topic ‘My clean City’

pic ananya mehra      Ananya Mehra 6th


5. Gold Medal, Aarushi Kalsi, Class  6, Topic ‘My clean City’

pic aarushi  Aarushi Kalsi 5th


6. Gold Medal,  Mehul Chhabra, Class  8, Topic ‘Women Empowerment’

pic mehul  Mehul Chhabra


7.  Silver Medal, Aryaman Mehra, Class 3, Topic ‘My clean City’

pic aryaman mehra  Aryaman mehra


8. Silver Medal, Dia Chauhan, Class 6, Topic ‘Women Empowerment’

pic dia  Dia Chauhan


9. Silver Medal, Anannya Jalan, Class 8, Topic ‘My clean City’

pic ananya jalan  Ananya Jalan 8th


10. Silver Medal, Naina Kalra, Class 8, Topic ‘My clean City’

naina kalra    Naina Kalra 8th


11. Bronze Medal, Alia Mohan, Class Prep, Topic ‘Anything of your Choice’


Alia Mohan, Prep    Alia mohan collage


12. Bronze Medal, Aman Malhotra, Class KG, Topic ‘My clean City’

Aman Malhotra, KG   Aman Malhotra


13. Bronze Medal, Aima Handique, Class  1, Topic ‘Anything of your Choice’

pic aima  Aima


14. Bronze Medal, Sidharth Jaiswal, Class 1, Topic ‘My clean City’

pic siddharth  Siddharth


15. Bronze Medal, Shreeya V. Nair, Class 4, Topic ‘My clean City’

pic shreeya nair   Shreeya Nair


16. Bronze Medal, Riya Varma, Class  4, Topic ‘My clean City’

Riya Varma  Riya Varma




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic! This is great work done by children.

  2. Mrs. Bacon says:

    Lovely work by all students!

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