Online Basics of Fine Art Classes (Kids)

"Every child is an artist...

the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso

All our Basics of Fine art classes are structured in a way to give kids a strong foundation in art early on while developing their thinking, creative, and motor skills. In our classes, there is room to innovate, go beyond and change the rules.

In consideration to mediums, we start off with Oil Pastels, Shading Pencils & Poster Colours (Painting) focussing on drawing, observation of form & colour, and composition.

Online batches for kids are conducted in a group of maximum 8 students via Google Meet.

For more information on fees, batch timings, days etc, please call us at +91 9871301841 or leave an inquiry at

Fees Structure:

Nur-2nd standard: INR 4,200/- 

3rd - 8th standard: INR 5,400/-

9th - 12th standard: INR 6,000/-

*fees mentioned is for 12 one hour classes over a duration of two months