City of Rats

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Once there was a boy named Jess. He had many pet rats. Once while Jess was in the Central Park with his rats, it began to rain. It was raining cats and dogs! He was soaked in water from head to toe. He wasn’t able to count his rats so he just took whichever one he saw in front of him in a rush. On the way home, he started feeling worried for the rats he left in the park…

After the rain had stopped and the sun was shining brightly again, he went looking for his rats. While Jess was looking for his rats the rats went in a tunnel they’d found. They went deep inside the earth till they found a light. They were surprised to find ‘The Rat World’ where there were uncountable rats. They had always heard stories from their parents about The Rat World. They loved it there and met other rats who showed them around. They were then taken to the King Rat and were given a house with a lovely garden. They liked to play with their new friends in the garden in the afternoon.
They were happily living there!

-Story by Aanvi Jalan at 11 years old. The work was exhibited along with the story at Through the Eyes of a Child’ 17.

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