Caramel Custard Recipe- Traditional and also Microwaved

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Growing up in Army Cantonments and having Mess food often, Caramel Custard was and still is a favorite dessert.  I learnt to make this pudding as a youngster from my mother as it is very simple and quick to make. It is also the recipe I passed on to my daughter when she started taking an interest in cooking.  The recipe is in multiples of 1 and easy to remember. Not many outlets serve this pudding.  I am posting the recipe below.

1 cup milk
1 table spoon sugar
1 tea spoon  vanilla essence
1 egg
1 tablespoon or more sugar for caramel
Since I am making it with 3 eggs all my ingredients will be multiplied by 3.


Step 1.

Take a steel dish in which you wish to set the pudding.

caramel 1


Put the 1 tablespoon or more of sugar in it.

Heat on gas on low fire till sugar melts and turns brown.

caramel 3   caramel 2

Remove from gas and rotate the dish to layer the bottom and sides with the caramel just made. Be quick as once the caramel cools it will solidify.

caramel 4   caramel 5

caramel 6

Leave to cool

Step 2

Take a heavy bottom steel container and add 3 table spoons of sugar


caramel 9

Add a cup of milk

caramel 8  caramel 11


Heat on gas till all the sugar melts and dissolves in the milk

caramel 17



Remove from flame and add 2 cups of cold milk. Your milk and sugar mixture is now cool.

caramel 19


Add 3 tea spoons of vanilla essence.

Keep aside

Step 3

Beat 3 eggs in another dish till the white and yolk are well mixed

caramel 7


Add the milk mixture to the eggs or vice versa. Your milk should be at room temperature before the beaten eggs are added.

caramel 21


Pour the mixture into the prepared caramel dish

caramel 20


You have to steam the pudding. Take a bigger container and add water to it. Your pudding dish should fit into it.


caramel 16  caramel 15

Put a circular ring at the base

caramel 13  caramel 14


I normally cut out the bottom of the used cheese tin and use

caramel 24


Place the container on flame, place the pudding dish on the ring and cover the big container.

caramel 25

Leave on flame on high for 20 to 25 minutes.

The pudding now looks like this after steaming

caramel 31


Let cool to room temperature. Put in the fridge to further cool

Take out of the fridge and invert on a serving dish when you are ready to serve.



Its ready to eat.

Trivia: I saw our Mess cook put sugar on a tava and heat it. When it turned into caramel he put the tava on the floor and with a steel bowl he lifted the caramel into fine strands forming a very elegant net around his fingers for decoration on the pudding. This has to be done just before serving as the sugar strands are fragile and collapse fast. I did try it as a youngster and did not succeed. However the image has stayed with me.

Variation: Cook  in microwave

Take a table spoon and  with sugar and place over the flame to make caramel.

caramel 26   caramel 27

Pour caramel in a glass bowl.

caramel 28 caramel 29

Pour the pudding mixture in the same bowl

caramel 30


Place this glass bowl in a bigger glass  bowl with some water

caramel  micro

Micro on full for 8 minutes. Your pudding will have set. In case you feel it needs more time you can put it again for the required time.
Cool  and refrigerate. The caramel has bubbled up and changed the colour

This is equally good in taste.

caramel micro finished


Cook, eat and tell me the difference in comments below!

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