Best out of Waste

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Ms. Pragya Mishra, Dr. Ruchi Mital, Principal,  and Mrs. Pramila Nath,  'Best out of Waste' by Students of RICA, Allahabad, India
Ms Pragya Mishra, Dr Ruchi Mital, Principal, and Mrs Pramila Nath, ‘Best out of Waste’ by Students of RICA, Allahabad, India

Being in the creative field, teaching, guiding and executing is very exciting. Designing and creating something meaningful and beautiful, from ordinary and mundane things leads to a high sense of achievement. Using material that is designated for the garbage bin and the local junk collector is called ‘Best out of Waste’ and is the globally used term.  Years ago when we reused the gift wrapping paper or my mother recycled dresses or refashioned her shawls into our coats we were definitely environment friendly. RICA – Ruchi’s Institute of Creative Arts, Polytechnic, Allahabad inculcates the use of waste to create anything visually attractive. The students are encouraged to create garments and these are displayed for the benefit of the general public.

The images above are the work of the various students of Textile Designing and Fashion Designing. Their imagination knew no bounds in their use of material and also execution of their ideas.   Students participated and made their project in over three days. The material used was as diverse as gunny bags, plastic bags, broomsticks, thermacol, plastic tape, wrapping paper and magazines, besides the traditional materials: –

The exhibition held was a great success and widely appreciated by the visitors and media. Some of the reactions of the visitors are:-

Mr. Badal Chatterji, Retd. Ex-Commissioner, Allahabad:  ‘The most innovative and creative bends of mind I have ever seen, All the very best and congratulations to all the participants.’

Prof Raka Ray, University of California: ‘This is a beautiful place, filled with light and creativity. I wish the students and the Institute all the best.

Ms. Kandala Singh ( research assistant):  ‘This is a lovely place. Its design and light match the creativity of its students. So happy to have been able to visit.’

Mrs Naina Sharma :  ‘Sundar aur sarahniyey prayas hai. Apne dhang ka anootha’ . (Beautiful and praiseworthy attempt. Unique in its own way.)

Mrs Roopa Shanker, Principal,  Little Scholars School:  ‘It is always a pleasure to visit RICA. The exhibition was creative, in sync with ‘swacchata Abhiyan!’ There is so much to learn. Cheers to Ruchi Maam and the entire team. Best wishes.’

Dr Purnima Singh,  Fashion Designer: ‘Every year I come and see something more creative done by the students. It is a pleasure to see them use their skills in such a creative manner and coming up with this amazing exhibition.’

Mr Ashok Mital: ’Beautifully developed..the real creativity of all individuals. Good luck to one and all’

Ms. Ranjana Mukerji, Teacher in Girls High School:  ‘Coming to Ruchi’s is always a pleasure. And to have a view of the exhibition is also pleasing effect to the eyes. All my best to the Institute. Very creative and innovative concept displayed by the students.’

Mrs. Kaveri Vij,  Art Teacher in St. Mary’s Convent, Allahabad: ‘Congratulations! First time I have seen this type of display. I am so glad and have taken some nice ideas. Thanks’

Ms Pramila Nigam,  Teacher in St. Mary’s Convent. Allahabad:  ‘Excellent use of waste material. Loved to see this type of exhibition for the very first time. Wish you all “ Good Luck”.

Mrs. Neeta Sarkar,  Teacher in Golden Jubilee Inter College:  ‘ As usual very innovative and inspiring. My good wishes to the students for a successful future.’

Mrs. Prachee Tandon,  Housewife:   ‘Very innovative & creative work. Congratulations to all participants

Mr. Atul Tandon:  ‘The overall concept is very good and I feel it should be further promoted to a commercial level.’

Mrs. Bela Mital, Writer, and a Poet: ’Very innovative and creative work by the students under Dr. Ruchi’s Guidance. Congrats. Very pleasing to the eyes and mind.’

Mrs A. D. Trivedi. Principal Regional Vocational Training Institute,  Allahabad: ‘Sabhi Trade adhiyapako ne atyadhik mehnat va lagan ke saath chatraon ka bhavishya skill ke dwara nikhara hai. Bahut hi saharneya hai’.   (All technical trade teachers with a lot of effort and passion have developed the future and skill of the students. It is very praiseworthy.)

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