Art Exhibition -“Through the Eyes of a Child- 2016”

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60 dpi

Exhibiting Artists: Aanvi Jalan, Anya Gupta, Aarushi Kalsi, Shreeya Nair, Mrs, Ritu Sangal,  Ahaana Pandit, Riya Varma, Chief Guest Ms Bulbul Sharma, Vasundhra Jaiswal, Aditi Gupta, Dia Chauhan, Naina Kalra,  Aima Handique, Ananya Jalan, Alia Mohan, Siddharth Jaiswal, Mehul Chabbra, Aman Malhotra

Our 18th Annual Exhibition “Through the Eyes of a Child- 2016”

The curiosity of an inquiring mind is a challenge and a pleasure to nurture.  Being an Art educator, it is fascinating to see the colours and ideas spill on the paper by such young minds. This past year we have worked on various themes and before executing the said ideas discussed them at length. Be it ‘clean India’, ‘skill India’ or for that matter ‘my clean city’, my students were quick to grasp the nuances and put it on paper. The competition this year had Collage as a medium. On explaining what exactly is collage – using and sticking torn coloured paper instead of crayons or paints to create a painting, they enjoyed tearing up all the glossy magazines to create the most beautiful and skillfully executed work as can be seen by their work displayed. In fact, each and every collage painting has received an award.

The paintings displayed by the children are all conceived and executed by them. The students are taught the basics of fine art with a lot of emphasis on colour. The children are then left to apply what they are taught to create their paintings. We participate in Art Competitions and conduct an art exam under the aegis of Ruchi’s Institute of Creative Arts Polytechnic, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. In the month of April, we exhibit at Arpana Caur Art Gallery and with this exhibition, it is now one decade here at this gallery.  The students are encouraged to frame, put up and appreciate their work thus displayed. This exhibition has participants in the age group of 6 years to 15 years. The display lets the parents appreciate the progress and compare the work done. In the past year some of the students have been introduced to :

Woodcut Print Making

woodcut print making 3

woodcut print making 1

Block Printing

block printing 1

block printing 4

Enamel Painting

enamel 4

enamel 1

Stone Painting

stone painting

stone painting


decoupage 2

by Aanvi Jalan

Our endeavor is to give them a complete art and craft experience. The  exhibition can be viewed in the gallery below :

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