Culture Chauraha is a multifaceted art studio dedicated to promoting & developing the creative side of every individual joining us. With a background of teaching & working on art projects for the last 32 years, Culture Chauraha was formally established about four years back.

It’s an active studio where we hold regular workshops & classes for various mediums with an age group that ranges from 4 years to adults of all ages, along with taking up art projects for interiors & design houses.

Tanjore, Enamelling, Printmaking, China Painting are only some of the popular mediums we teach & work in.

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  1. beautiful story..a must read for all age groups….

  2. Ruchi Mital says:

    Thanks Sharmila di..Please do keep posting such easy to make delicious stuff……

  3. thanks for sharing such simple and long forgotten ways of making colours for holiday…..

  4. Really Interesting..I just remember babaji roasting dhaan in the holi fire and and wishing everyone happy Holi and saying Ram Ram…

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