Aam Panna – Raw Mango Drink

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Refreshing Raw Mango Drink
Refreshing Raw Mango Drink

In India, summer temperatures easily cross 45 degrees centigrade. With the hot winds blowing from the desert area the felt temperature can be much higher. To protect the body from a heat stroke we have a traditional drink made from raw mangoes. My mother would make it and we would have it every day till the raw mango season lasted. In fact, it was a must in every household. In today’s fast-paced life it is available off the shelf and you can buy a bottle of Aam Panna like any other cold drink. Having tasted the commercial preparation I realized that it does not match my mother’s recipe. I make it every summer and it is a must in the mango season. In fact, one summer my son had joined some sport activity and I used to send Panna in a bottle with him. The instructor at the complex started telling the other mothers that Panna is the right drink to beat the summer heat. Trying to do a balancing act between being a working mother, organizing all the meals, and running the house efficiently can take a toll.

So I decided to share the recipe with photos and how I manage to serve it every day. It is easy to make and very refreshing to drink

1 kg. raw mango
4 cups Brown sugar
4 teaspoons common salt
4 teaspoons roasted and ground cumin seed ( bhuna zeera)
4 teaspoons black salt powder
a bunch of fresh mint leaves

1. aam panna

1 kilogram of raw mangoes. I was lucky as these mangoes have a lot of pulp

2. aam panna

Peel mangoes to remove the green skin. Pressure cook with water ( one whistle)

4. aam panna

Open the cooker and remove the boiled mangoes  in a dish

3. aam panna

Scrape the mango seed of all pulp. As you can see these mangoes had very thin seeds.

5.aam panna

Add mint leaves and all the dry ingredients to the pulp.

6. aam panna

Pour into the liquidizer and churn till smooth. The amount of sugar may change depending on the sourness or sweetness of the raw mangoes. So do taste and decide.

7. aam panna

The prepared Aam Panna. this preparation is very thick and concentrated. You need to add water to dilute before drinking.

Tip: I deep freeze this preparation and use it to serve as and when required. Saves a lot of time and energy and you can have it every day. Keeping the mixture thick saves freezer space.

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  1. jaskiran says:

    very cool . I ll definitely try. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Ritu Sangal says:

      Welcome,I would love to know your results.

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